Monday, September 24, 2007

Collie Wouldn't Play


But Spaniel Stayed Thru Long, Cold, Night Keeps Watchful Vigil Over Dying Pal

VANCOUVER, B. C., Canada, Feb. 26. — Would his friend the brown and white collie never get up and go home, the little spaniel wondered?

The collie lay quiet and still at the intersection of downtown streets. Just why, perhaps some chauffeur who passed that way could explain.

The spaniel could not, anyway. In the language of his tribe he implored the collie to jump up and play. But the collie paid no attention.

Night came on and the spaniel still waited. Sense of something wrong penetrated to his consciousness and he whimpered a little.

It began to rain, too, and got very cold. Nor was there any warmth in the collie's body when he snuggled up against it.

In the dawn of early morning while the fierce gusts of wind drove the drenching downpour into their faces, early passersby saw the little sentinel still on guard, an abject picture of misery, his little world gone to pieces.

At noon kindly hands dragged him away, notwithstanding his protestations. There was no trace of the collie when he returned.

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