Tuesday, September 4, 2007

New War Appliance


A newcomer into the family of war appliances is the motorcycle-carrying airplane. A special platform built between the planes juts outside the body of the airplane, carries the motorcycle. The addition of this machine greatly enhances the effectiveness of the airplane and affords a quick means of land travel in case of a shortage of gasoline or disability of the airplane engine. If the aviators who were lost in the Mexican desert during General Pershing's expedition had been equipped with motorcycles their return to headquarters would have been a matter of only a few hours instead of a three days' wait for the searching party.

Learned Too Late

"Much evil comes from bad company," as the man said who found himself on the gallows by the side of the hangman.

The Average Man

It would discourage the average man if he was able to realize how very important he isn't!

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