Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"I Love My Wife, But Oh, You Moving Day!"


Charged With Desertion Husband Says Wife Changes House Too Often — 15 Homes in 3 Years Too Much.

BALTIMORE, Md., Oct. 6. — "I adore my wife, but I can't afford to move every other month," declared George W. Perry before Judge Llewellyn, when asked what he had to say about a charge of desertion.

"In our three years of married life, judge," said Perry, "we have moved fifteen times, which is five times a year, or once in every ten weeks. My wife has a mania for moving. No sooner do we get snugly fixed in one house than she suddenly decides that it is not comfortable, or something else, and starts to move. Many times I have been in ignorance of her intention to vacate, and upon my return home from work would find the house empty and would have to make inquiries as to where she had moved."

"Well, judge," said the wife, "he has beaten me oftener than we have moved." The judge gave the pair a little sound advice and then left the room, asking them to try to patch up their difficulties and agree to live in harmony for the sake of their two little children. When the magistrate returned he asked them if they had reached a decision. Neither replied. Then he turned to the wife.

"I don't believe you truly love your husband, madam," he said.

"No, I don't, and I wouldn't live with him again for anything," fairly shouted the little woman.

"Dismissed," said Justice Llewellyn.

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