Saturday, February 23, 2008

Making Scarfs At Home


Some New and Very Attractive Effects Which May Be Easily Obtained

A black satin scarf of double width satin and three yards long can be lined with soft white satin and left plain across the bottom or lashed for a quarter of a yard in the middle of each end, and the half sections drawn into points, each finished with a tassel.

In diaphanous scarfs those of black lace and two colors of chiffon are dividing favor. Beautiful Spanish lace shawls in black and white are to be found just now much reduced. One to be made at home is of fine black net the full width. This can be embroidered over the whole surface with jet disks and spangles or the jet can be arranged as a deep border across each end and a narrow one along the lengths.

The scarf of black and white foulard, finished with white silk fringe or a black tassel, is simple enough. If the selvedge is not liked, the material can be turned back on the right side to a depth of a quarter of an inch and held in place by a line of chain stitching.

The double-toned chiffon scarfs are easily constructed. Choose contrasting colors, as blue and green, purple and gray, pale violet and purple, two tones of pink or blue. Baste the two pieces carefully along the sides and ends, taking precautions that they are even, and do not draw apart.

Bind all around with two-inch ribbon of soft satin, or sew the edges of chiffon together with blind stitches, and having made a two-inch hem of the two fabrics, one folded within the other, fagot it to the main scarf.

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