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New York, 1895

No Refusal on the Part of the Husband to Support His Wife.

Yesterday Judge Hendrickson, of Jamaica, heard testimony in the case of the people against John J. Bodge, of Dunton, who is charged by his wife with failing to support her. Mrs. Bodge came to court attended by Mrs. Benemiller, who seems to exercise an hypnotic influence over her. Counselors Stanford of Jamaica and Mahoney of Brooklyn appeared for the wife, and Counselor Fleming appeared for Mr. Bodge, who is a very gentlemanly looking person.

Mrs. Bodge was a widow with one child when she met Mr. Bodge. They were married in December, 1893, and Mrs. Bodge left him in June, 1894, and has since been living with Mrs. Benemiller. Before action was brought for abandonment, Mr. Fleming sent a letter to Mrs. Bodge's attorney in answer to one from him, and this letter constituted part of Mrs. Bodge's cross examination.

She said she received Mr. Fleming's letter and remembered its contents. The letter, she said, stated that Mr. Bodge would not support her, as she had left his home without provocation. The letter itself is as follows:

JAMAICA, N. Y., June 8th, 1895.

Peter Mahoney, Esq.:

DEAR SIR — Your letter of June 5th to Mr. John J. Bodge has been handed to me by him, I appearing for him as attorney in the matters referred to in your communication. He instructs me to say that he has never refused or declined to maintain and support his wife, and that her withdrawal from her home is entirely voluntary upon her part and without justification. Yours truly.


The case was going on in the afternoon when THE FARMER went to press.

—The Long Island Farmer, Jamaica, NY, July 5, 1895, p. 1.

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