Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ismail and Ferry.


On one occasion, the late Ismail Pasha was advised by Jules Ferry, the prime minister, to visit London in order to enlist the support of the British government in his scheme to oust his son Tewfik at Cairo. He showed a new high hat to a friend, with the remark: "Ferry says I should not go to London in a fez; it's too oriental. He recommended me to his hatter, and the pig has charged me 40 francs for this thing. I suspect Ferry has a commission on it."


"So the insolent fellow refused to pay his rent?"
"He did not say so in words, but he intimated it."
"How so?"
"He kicked me down stairs." — Figaro.


The angelica plant is native to Europe. It grows wild in most of the northern parts of that continent, being also found in the Alps, the Carpathian and the Ural mountains.

By distilling it at a very high heat wood may be made to yield a good article of gas.

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