Friday, September 5, 2008

Dictionary of Discontent.


Science, dear Lady Betty, has diminished hope, knowledge has destroyed our illusions, and experience has deprived us of interest. Here, then, is the authorized dictionary of discontent:

What is creation? A failure.
What is life? A bore.
What is man? A fraud.
What is woman? Both a fraud and a bore.
What is beauty? A deception.
What is love? A disease.
What is marriage? A mistake.
What is a wife? A trial.
What is a child? A nuisance.
What is the devil? A fable.
What is good? Hypocrisy.
What is evil? Detection.
What is wisdom? Selfishness.
What is happiness? A delusion.
What is friendship? Humbug.
What is generosity? Imbecility.
What is money? Everything.
And what is everything? Nothing.

Were we perhaps not happier when we were monkeys? — London Truth.

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