Saturday, September 6, 2008

The British Crown.


The crown which was used in the ceremonies attending the coronation of Queen Victoria was made by Rundell & Bridge, and is said to represent a money value of about £300,000. It weighs a fraction less than two pounds and is almost covered with the 3,000 precious stones which adorn it. The headband of this gorgeous insignia of royalty is made of gold, covered with a row of 129 pearls along its lower edge and 112 on the upper. Between the pearls in front is a large sapphire and behind a smaller one. Near each sapphire is a clustered ornament made up of 286 diamonds. Immediately above the headband is a row of eight sapphires, each surmounted by a magnificent diamond, and eight festoons, collectively containing 160 diamonds. The front of the crown is a Maltese cross, having in its center the most famous known ruby, that given to the Black Prince by Pedro, king of Castile.

Besides the above there are three other crosses containing 386 diamonds. Between the four crosses are four ornaments, containing, respectively, 84, 85, 86 and 87 diamonds. The arched top of the crown, which is in imitation oak leaves, contains 728 diamonds. Besides the above, there are 32 acorns, each composed of a single pearl, set in cups made of 54 diamonds each. The whole is surmounted by a mound of 548 diamonds and a cross of sapphires with arms of 108 small diamonds. — St. Louis Republic.

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