Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Heads and Dates


"It makes no difference where the date may be placed on one of our coins," remarked the director of the mint, "in settling a dispute about whether it is head or tail for matching purposes. As a matter of fact, it is heads wherever the head may be, regardless of the date. Take the Columbian half dollar, for instance, which contains two dates, 1492 and 1893, respectively. Neither cuts the slightest figure in determining where the head of Columbus shall be placed any more than was the case in the old time shield on the obverse of nickels or 5 cent pieces turned out by the United States mint. It is head wherever a head appears, and the reverse of the coin is tails." — Chicago Tribune.

Work and Play

Work when you work; but, when the measure of one's duty is done, then relax thoroughly. There is as much virtue in refreshing soul and body by yielding up all responsibility and care as there is in the courageous meeting of active obligations.

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