Tuesday, May 27, 2008



Dr. Rae, the arctic traveler, relates how wolves will take the bait from a guntrap without danger to themselves by first cutting the line or cord which connects the bait and the trigger. He also says: "I may also mention what I have been told, although I have never had an opportunity of seeing it, that wolves watch the fishermen who set lines in deep water for trout, through holes in the ice, in Lake Superior, and very soon after the man has left the wolf goes up to the place, takes hold of the stick which is placed across the hole and attached to the line, trots off with it along the ice until the bait is brought to the surface, then returns and eats the bait and the fish if any happens to be on the hook. The trout of Lake Superior are very large, and the baits are of a size in proportion."

A Novelty For the Children

At a child's party lately, with supper at 5 o'clock, the crowning dish was a "Jack Horner" in a large pudding dish, covered with white paper. On its top were 15 stars, each with a name attached, and as the dish was handed around each little guest, choosing his name, pulled out a little parcel wrapped in red paper. These held each a silver souvenir, scarfpin, hatpin, pencil, spoon and other inexpensive trifles. — New York Telegram.

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