Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Just a Little Early, That's All


All stenographers are timid, but those three head the procession. They are employed in an office on Main street, and the other afternoon they were left in the office alone. They were each chewing lustily on a piece of "kiss me" gum when the door opened, and in came a low sized peddler with a large sized beard.

He started to say, "Gentlemen;" but, his eyes resting that moment on the typewriter sisters, he stopped short.

"Holy Moses, all ladies! Guess I'm in the wrong place."

"No, this is the place," said one of the trio. "What did you want?"

"Ladies, I'm selling pants stretchers." Now they are trying to put the blame on the peddler. — Cincinnati Tribune.

A Bad Break

"By Jove!" exclaimed the organist after the marriage of the ribbon clerk to the rich widow, "do you know what I did today?"
"No. What?"
"Well, I was thinking about something else, and when the bride came down the aisle I'm a goat if I didn't play 'Hail to the Chief.'" — New York Sun.

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