Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Question Was Answered


She Wanted Her Escort to Guess Her Age, and the Conductor Spoke.

Loud talking in public places, such as restaurants and public conveyances, is more of a European than an American custom, but occasionally you meet Americans or persons born in this country of foreign parents who have that European habit strongly developed. Sometimes this habit occasions embarrassment to those who indulge in it.

A woman dressed gaudily and in a way that did not comport with her years — for she was in the neighborhood of twoscore, while her attire would have been more appropriate for a girl of 17 — entered a Broadway car a few days ago.

It was evident from her attire that she had an object in concealing her age. Her escort was about 35 years old. Their actions denoted that she was either his sweetheart or trying to be.

The woman talked very loudly. Her escort answered quietly. Everybody in the car could hear every word she said. When the car reached Forty-first street, she announced:

"My birthday will be tomorrow."

"Indeed!" replied the escort. "I am glad you have imparted the information. It will give me the op" —

"Now, see if you are a good guesser. Guess how many," she interrupted.

"Oh, I wouldn't like to try."

"Go on. Guess how many."

"Forty-second!" cried the conductor. The passengers struggled to suppress laughter. The woman's escort smiled, but the woman looked angry.

"Let's get out!" she said softly, the only thing she had not said loudly. — New York Herald.

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