Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Private Soldier of High Rank


Among the stories that are being told about the late M. Victor Duruy, the eminent historian of ancient times, is one which relates to the part he played during the siege of Paris by the Germans. At that period M. Duruy had volunteered for the national guard. One day M. Jules Simon, the minister of public instruction, was returning home to his official residence in the Rue de Grenelle when he saw in a sentry box a national guard on duty who wore upon his cloak the insignia of grand officer of The Legion of Honor, a very high distinction. M. Simon, recognizing him, went up and said, "Hello, Duruy, is that you?" "Yes," was the reply. "A private soldier?" asked Simon. "Yes," said Duruy. "What of it? We can't all be ministers." "At least," was the minister's polite rejoinder, "we can all set a good example." M. Duruy at that time was already over 60 years of age. — London News.

Ada Rehan's Antiques

Ada Rehan, the actress, has a penchant for antique and handsome furniture. Her house in New York is full of lovely things, and a piano, which is of gilded wood, on which are painted Watteauesque figures of wee maids in white wigs and slim cavaliers in blue and pink knee breeches and frilled coats, is said to be worth several thousand dollars.


Astoria, Oregon, took its name from John Jacob Astor, the founder of the Pacific Fur company. It was at first a fort and trading station.


Japan has developed a variety of maize with leaves beautifully striped with white.

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