Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Live Beetle In Iron Ore


Z. T. White, who is now or has very recently been a citizen of El Paso, Tex., was once the owner of the most wonderful entomological specimen ever found since the creation of the world — a live beetle found in a solid matrix of iron ore. The curiosity was discovered a considerable depth below the surface in the Longfellow mine, at Clifton, A. T., and fitted his iron sarcophagus as snugly as though the iron had been in a plastic state when it came in contact with the creature's body. The "bug" was of a dull, reddish gray color and was of course of a species wholly unknown to the entomologists. According to the El Paso Bullion, this wonder was presented to a well known scientific association of the Atlantic slope about two years ago. — St. Louis Republic.

The Cheerful Idiot

"One swallow doesn't make a spring," said the boarder who misquotes.
"A swallow of beer might," said the Cheerful Idiot.
And when the landlady guessed that it might make a spring on account of the hops in it the Cheerful Idiot got huffy and left the table before the prune pie was served. — Indianapolis Journal.

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