Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Piano


Next to books there is no inanimate thing in the house that can produce so much profitable pleasure as a piano. A library and a piano are symbols of high cultivation. Those two spread that nobler banquet where the soul is fed without fear of gluttony or dissipation. As books bring into our daily circle as familiar companions the noblest spirits that ever wrought on earth and permit us to rear our children under the influences of the noblest natures, so the piano, with simple incantations, brings up from their sleep the noble brotherhood of song and persuades them to dwell among us. — Philadelphia Inquirer.


The Greek holidays and festivals were very numerous. There were 50 beginning with the letter a, and besides these special festivals there were times set apart for the Isthmean, Nemean, Pythian and Olympian games, all of which were popular holidays.

Many glass ornaments found in Etruscan tombs contain small objects or images in the interior. How the ornaments were made is still a mystery.

During the time of Christ two sparrows were sold for a farthing, or, according to another evangelist, five were sold for 2 farthings.

Saranac, the name of the New York stream, means "river that flows under rocks."

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