Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Bunch of Recipes


Some All New and Some Introducing Novelties In Old Processes.

Tea Sandwiches. — A delicious and substantial sandwich which may be offered at luncheon or tea is made by cutting small diamonds of bread from which the crust has been removed. These are then buttered, and on the top of each is placed a slice of cucumber, cut very thin, which is in turn spread with a layer of potted meat or game. Ham or tongue is good for the purpose, or any potted meat may be used. Be careful that it is quite smooth, and place little stars cut out of hard boiled eggs round the edge and a little mound of grated yolk of egg in the middle. Serve on a napkin garnished with parsley.

Charlotte Russe. — Line a china mold with lady fingers, fitting them close together and cutting off the tops if they reach above the edge of the mold. Soak an ounce of gelatin in half a gill of very strong coffee, put this into a saucepan with three-quarters of a pint of milk and 2 ounces of powdered sugar. When the gelatin has melted, put aside to cool. Whip a quarter of a pint of cream, flavor it with a little vanilla, strain the milk and gelatin into the cream, whisk together for a few minutes, then pour it very carefully into the lined molds so as not to disarrange the lady fingers and set away till the following day.

Savory Oysters. — Stamp out with a round cutter — a sherry glass will answer the purpose — some thin pastry, and put in the middle of each round an oyster, which after being scalded has been masked with a little white sauce, and then scattered with grated Parmesan. Sprinkle with a dust of cayenne pepper and bake in a quick oven.

Adirondack Corn Bread. — Mrs. Rorer gives the recipe for this as follows: Separate 5 eggs. Beat the yolks and add a pint of milk. Mix one-half pint of cornmeal with a half pint of flour. Add to it gradually the eggs and the milk. Soften 2 ounces of butter and stir into the mixture. Let this stand for ten minutes, then stir in the whites, well beaten, add a tablespoonful each of salt and of sugar and 2 teaspoonfuls of baking powder, mix carefully but quickly, turn into long baking pans, and bake 30 minutes. This bread, to be exactly right, should be in layers — the under part the meal, the next a layer of custard and on top a glossy brown crust.

Calf's Liver. — A chafing dish recipe to prepare this has a novel ingredient — that of coffee. The recipe reads: Cut the liver in neat, smooth slices and lay in salt and water to extract the blood. Mix together one-half cupful of flour, one-half cupful of cornmeal and a teaspoonful of salt. Roll the slices of liver in this mixture and fry in the chafing dish in hot butter until brown. Just before serving pour in a little coffee, cover tightly and let it stand a moment and serve with slices of crisply fried English breakfast bacon.

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