Sunday, May 18, 2008

Chocolate Soup


Chocolate soup is prepared by putting into a saucepan about a quarter of a pound of grated chocolate with 3 pints of milk. These quantities can, of course, be proportionately altered to suit the occasion. The milk must be boiling. Put in a lump of sugar and let the whole boil for an hour. Before serving stir the yolks of four eggs, previously beaten up in a little milk. Pour this over fried dice of rolls and serve very hot. — Kansas City Times.

Prussian Labs

The Prussian government expends over $50,000 a year in support of the laboratories conducted with the medical department of the University of Berlin. This is exclusive of the salaries paid to professors.

More Millet Trivia

According to Linnaeus, millet grows wild in many parts of India, in central Asia and northern Siberia.

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