Monday, May 12, 2008

Finds Wandering Wife After 80 Days' Search


Sight of Husband Restores Woman's Lost Memory.

SAN FRANCISCO, California. — William C. Brown, a grocer, prepared to return to his home here from Los Angeles, following the accidental end of an eighty-day search for his wife and their 2-year-old child, Helen June.

After having hunted thru three States — California, Utah and Nevada — Brown, on the last day allotted for his inquiry, paused to buy a newspaper in a Los Angeles street. Had he not done so, his search would have been futile.

The moment's pause kept him in front of a department store entrance till a woman and a little girl came thru the entrance in the crowd. They were the missing pair.

Not until she faced her husband did Mrs. Brown gain consciousness of where she was or what she had done during the last twelve weeks. She left home while in a state of aberration due to illness. The sight of her husband restored her faculties and she fell weeping on his shoulder.

—The Saturday Blade, Chicago, Aug. 7, 1920, p. 5.

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