Saturday, May 17, 2008

Friendly Bugs


The New York Entomological society has been having a sale of bugs, and in the list of sales we find that a long horned tickler, alias the Monohammus titillator, was knocked down for 30 cents. It is related as a peculiarity of these bugs that when two of them meet each other on the road they stop and wave their horns at each other. This is equivalent to a handshake without the drink that usually goes with it. — Boston Herald.


Into one's character, as into the characters of others, one gets little flashes of real light here and there, now and then. The moments are not agreeable. They are the flashes of a policeman's lantern. While they are shining disguise is impossible.


The Italian millet now used almost entirely as a food for birds was formerly sustenance for men.

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