Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Horse Knew


"The other day," says a man, "I bought an apple on the street, and after taking a bite discovered that I did not want it. A horse attached to a truck stood at the curb at the moment, and in passing I tossed the apple to him. He was only able to seize it sideways and get a small bite, the most of the fruit dropping in the gutter at his feet. His driver, standing not far from his head, noticed this, and stooping picked up the apple. He held it up on a level with the horse's eyes, so that he could see it fully, and then lowering it cried 'Open!' Instantly the horse stretched his jaws wide apart, displaying a cavern of a throat, and the driver skillfully shot the apple in, the horse catching it between his teeth and proceeding to munch contentedly. The little incident was chiefly significant because it showed a thoroughly good understanding between the man and the animal, which, in these days, when a Society For the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is necessary, seems worth noting." — New York Times.

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