Saturday, May 24, 2008

How to Get Stout


Not very many people want to get stout, but those who do want to be stout very much. Here is what a practical physician says is the best plan to follow: "Avoid excitement and keep your mind as much as possible in a state of repose and free from worry. People of nervous temperament should learn to control themselves. Learn to sit quietly for a long period and don't rush about, consuming muscular tissue by unnecessary movements.

"Eat all you can and as often as you can, avoiding hot things, such as hot bread and that which is made from the finer grades of flour. Stale bread made of flour containing a portion of the chaff is far more nutritious than light, freshly baked bread. The diet should consist of such articles of food as are largely composed of starch and sugar and oil. Meat in large quantities should be avoided. All things should be thoroughly cooked, in order that raw material can undergo the chemical change that otherwise would have to be done by the stomach. Lastly, sleep as long as you possibly can and as much. These rules and suggestions will soon add all the flesh to your frame that you want." — Cincinnati Enquirer.

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