Friday, May 23, 2008

Lived Though Terribly Injured


Henry J. Lutton is 60 years old, and his home is in Clarendon, Warren county, Pa. On Aug. 10, 1885, Lutton, who was an oil operator, was working at the foot of a derrick being built on the hillside. Through some cause or other a three-fourths inch iron bar 21 feet long fell from the top of the derrick, 74 feet. One end of the bar struck on the right of Lutton's neck, went in between the jugular and windpipe, came out 1½ inches from the right nipple, struck two inches below the groin on left limb, out 3½ inches above the right knee joint and took off one of his toes, the bar burying itself eight inches in the ground.

Lutton was standing on the hillside at the time, and 9 feet 10 inches of the bar passed through him. It passed through 17 inches of his neck and body, and 11½ inches went through his limb. The victim was pinned to the ground, but showed his wonderful presence of mind by sliding down from the slight elevation he was standing on to the ground. He called on a man of the name of Phillips, who extracted the bar.

Lutton lingered at the point of death for six weeks and lived six days and seven nights on beef blood and brandy, which was administered by means of a rubber tube. — Pittsburg Dispatch.

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