Saturday, May 17, 2008

May Marriages


It is usually supposed that May is an unpropitious month for marriages, and this view is generally sustained by the official figures. In Great Britain, where the figures are carefully kept, of 1,200 marriages in a year the even average per month would be 100. Instead of this June, the favorite month for marriages, stands at the head with 174. January comes next with 160, December with 139, July with 124, November with 114, and so on down to February with 70, May bringing up the rear with 49. In Germany April is the favorite month, and October comes second. In Hungary February is the favorite month, and November comes second. In Greece October comes first, January second; in Italy February first, November second; in France April first and January second; in Sweden November first, December second.

In Russia the curious fact is noted that two months — March and November, corresponding to our Easter time and Christmas — are practically barred from marriages, these being the average figures on the basis of 1,200 in a year: February, 270; January, 230; October, 185; November, 174; March, 12; December, 9. The average duration of marriages is highest in Russia, 30 years, and least in Holland, 23 years. The average marrying age of women in Russia is 21 years, and in Holland 28 years, which accounts for this difference.


"I'll bet," remarked Mr. Jason to his wife as they sat in the family circle at the play, "I'll bet from the looks of it that the dress that there woman in the box is wearin is one of them elegant dresses 'one-half off' we seed advertised yisterday in the papers." — Indianapolis Journal.

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