Monday, May 26, 2008

Railroad Men Must Have Good Watches


The matter of time is receiving more attention now from railroad officials than in the past. This refers to watches carried by various employees, such as depot masters, engineers, firemen, switchmen, brakemen, conductors — in fact, everybody who has anything to do with the moving of trains.

Up to quite recently it was a go as you please matter about the class of watch carried and the condition of its machinery. It has been found that delays and even accidents have often been made possible by a small difference between the time indicated on the watches of different trainmen, and to remedy this several roads have adopted a system of strict supervision over all the watches carried by employees.

The Michigan Central a short time ago got in line with the movement. No special make of watch is made compulsory, but all must be up to a certain standard. Every month each employee must submit his watch to an examiner, who makes careful note of its condition and fills out a card giving full particulars. These cards are deposited at the depot in a box and are all examined by an official of the road. In this way the watches of all employees are kept in proper shape, and nobody is permitted to carry one that is out of condition. — Detroit Free Press.

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