Friday, May 23, 2008

The Stomach a Distillery


What are the prohibitionists going to do about Kate Field? We find this aggressive and always picturesque woman thus assailing the cause:

"Atchison, Kan., under prohibition in one year spent $5,000,000 for groceries and $1,000,000 for drugs. Prohibition has ruined the inhabitants of the Aleutian islands, who now drink Florida water and perfumery and any vile concoction they can buy. Alcohol is in everything. The Creator understood his work, and let us accept the situation. In human stomachs undigested food ferments and alcohol results. Every dyspeptic is a walking distillery. Must they be abolished? If so, a goodly number of our American race must perish. Total abstainers eat great quantities of sweets These ferment, and the prohibitionists themselves form a grand cordon of illicit distilleries."

Think of the full import of this — General Dow an ambulatory tank, Miss Willard a whited distillery! Does Miss Field really mean all that she says? — Chicago Post.

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