Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Why Some Men Don't Get Insurance


Men who make application for insurance in considerable amounts, say for upward of $10,000, are not only very carefully examined by physicians appointed by the insurance companies, but during the period while their application is being examined are kept under surveillance by a well organized detective service.

Some of the reports which are made of a man's habits and mode of life, with perhaps some of his pet secrets, as made to the detective bureaus of the different companies, would prove mighty interesting reading. Of course such matters can never become public property, and, in fact, the records are destroyed as soon as the application is passed upon. This fact, which is not generally known, may explain much to solid citizens who, for some unknown reason, have had their applications postponed indefinitely.

The insurance companies are entirely justified in employing such an instrument to learn the facts about their risk. Men who live rationally, like men who fill positions of trust honestly, have nothing to fear from being watched. — New York Press.

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