Thursday, May 15, 2008

Better Than Dumbbells


Dyspeptics may be interested in the experiment of a man living on Erie street. Being confined to his office most of the day and having little exercise of any kind, his system got badly out of order. For some two months past he has been spending a half hour every evening in lying on his back on the floor and tossing his lusty 2-year-old son back and forth. He says this exercise beats dumbbells, and that is only after an occasional immoderate meal time he is reminded that he has a stomach. — Chicago Tribune.

A Great Scheme

"I never talk about the club to my wife."
"I do. I speak of it in glowing terms and then stay at home occasionally. So my wife thinks there isn't a more self sacrificing husband in the world." — Kate Field's Washington.

It Was Easy to Live Then

Living was cheap in the old Roman days. A night's lodgings at an inn could be had for about 4 cents. A pound of figs could be bought for 2 cents, and a fine, long cloak was purchasable at the extremely low figure of 20 cents.

Cairo Museum

The Cairo museum has seven brooms used by ancient Egyptian women. They are made of straw and closely resemble the same articles in use today, save that the handles are not long enough for purposes of domestic discipline.

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