Monday, May 19, 2008

The Clove as a Preventive of Nausea


The funny men in the alleged funny papers, says Dr. E. B. Sangree in the Philadelphia Times and Register, have so long made merry over the man with the cloven breath that I am rather timid about advocating this odoriferous spice. Yet my experience has been that the clove is a good antinauseant.

Persons who get "qualms" when riding in the cars or on boats can almost certainly quiet them by slowly chewing a clove or two. Indigestion, accompanied by formation of gas, nausea and dizziness, will often yield to the same simple measure. There are other and better means of accomplishing these results, but the value of the clove is that it occupies so little room, is so easily carried about and can be so readily got when wanted.

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