Monday, May 19, 2008

A Test of Eligibility


A story is told by a Scotch contemporary of a new arrival at the Border Counties' Lunatic asylum, near Melrose, who was sent out along with some others to work in the grounds. After he had been working for some time an old inmate, who had been watching him, came up and said, "Unless ye delve wi' the rake and rake wi' the spade, ma man, ye'll be no' lang here. " — London Globe.

A Certain Remedy

"I wish," said Mrs. Corntossel, "that they wus some way ter keep people from talkin about ye behind yer back."
"They is," replied her husband.
"Run for office. Then they'll talk about ye ter yer face." — Washington Star.

During 1846, the first year of the Irish famine, wheat sold in Amsterdam for £20 6s.; in London for £14 14s.; in New York for $40; in St. Petersburg for £10 8s. a ton.

Over 1,000 yards of linen cloth have been unrolled from one mummy. The cloth in texture resembles the cheesecloth of the present somewhat. It is finer in quality.

Wheat was cultivated in China B. C. 2700 and at that date was deemed the direct gift of the gods.

With some people a roll of honor is made up of bank bills.

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