Friday, May 23, 2008

The Grateful Dog


Two black and tan dogs were taken to the Queen's hospital, Birmingham the other day, by their youthful owners, the one suffering from a broken leg and the other from a dislocated shoulder. The dogs were kindly treated by the medical staff, were bandaged and walked away. Two days afterward the one with the broken leg walked into the institution alone. In the surgery it lay down while the doctor unfastened the splints and redressed the injured limb. After the operation had been performed the dog gratefully licked the doctors hand and departed. — Ladies' Kennel Journal.

It Depends

The Inquiring Boy — How long a time is a jiffy, father?
The Perspicacious Parent — It depends on whose jiffy it is, my son. When a woman is putting on her bonnet and says she'll be ready in a jiffy, it means from 15 minutes to two hours. A man's jiffy is from one to five minutes. — London Answers.

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