Sunday, May 25, 2008

Gum Chewing


The visible working of the jaws in chewing gum is not a pleasant sight, and that it exasperates sensitive people beyond measure is not unnatural. A Buffalo coachman lost a good position the other day because he would persist in chewing gum on the box while driving. The severest criticism leveled at certain regiments of the Massachusetts national guard at a recent inspection was that many privates and some officers chewed gum on parade. The only persons who really ought to be allowed to chew gum are policemen, on night service only, and members of football teams in actual conflict. — Buffalo Commercial.

Before and After

An experienced matron says: "A man will eat soggy biscuit twice a week without complaint when his best girl invites him out to tea. But after the girl becomes his wife, if there is the faintest indication of a touch of saleratus in them, the neighbors will think there is a district school out for a recess by the racket he makes." — New York Ledger.

Remains At Pompeii

On the skeleton of a lady who died at Pompeii were found two golden bracelets, six of silver, four golden anklets, four earrings, thirty finger rings, a golden collar, a golden belt and a golden band on her head, while by her hand lay a purse containing 197 silver coins.

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