Saturday, May 24, 2008

Other Blogs -- Ignore This Post

I have other blogs. Somehow Google misses them. It's like they don't exist. This posting is just to put links to these blogs, so maybe the Google spider will get its butt busy and notice.

Boy Leg
It's a heck of thing to miss a blog as good as this one is so far. "Boy Leg's comin', hide your heart, girl!" I'm singing that all the time. It's infectious.

Grandma Slump
Who's ever seen anything like this? A migratory spirit between Heaven and Earth?

Pimp My Skivvies
My favorite of the "Pimp My" phrases, one that came up one day when sewing sequins on an antique girdle.

Dada Boheme
I can't believe Google hasn't noticed this one in all their spider travels. I think it's been there since 2005. Somewhat in a comatose state, but I've revived it!

And it seems like I have others. Antique Archives, Antique Views, Sick Dying Dead, Slouch Loleen, Grandma's Violets. Some of these are being indexed, maybe some aren't. Slouch Loleen probably not. I need to give greater attention to it. I'm into it now, maybe I won't be someday. But it'd be nice if the premier internet search engine people were actually doing their job!

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