Monday, May 19, 2008

My Castle In The Air


If I could go ballooning
And had the time to spare,
I'd journey to discover
My castle in the air.
It stands, that stately building,
Beyond the yellow moon,
Where tradesmen's bills can never come,
Not even by balloon.

The water rate collector —
He eyes its door in vain,
Because its cistern runs with
No water, but champagne.
Its roof has been constructed
So very high and steep
No lovelorn cats can clamber there
To frighten gentle sleep.

My neighbor's hens can never
Defy the garden wall,
Because there are no neighbors
Or hencoops near at all.
So, in the garden nodding,
In rich profusion grow
Tobacco trees and cauliflowers
And roses all a-row.

Oh! could I reach my castle,
I'd never need to think,
I'd never need to scribble
And clothe my dreams in ink.
So when I'm not so busy
I'll hire a big balloon
And sail away with — I know whom —
Beyond the yellow moon.

—David la Costa in Home and Country.

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