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A Sunday Prize Fight

New York, 1895

Will District Attorney Noble Inquire Into This?

About 300 sporting men from Greenpoint and South Brooklyn ploughed their way through the snow and over the rough roads of Long Island to a well-known sporting resort at Laurel Hill last night [Sunday] to witness a finish fight between Paddy Gallagher of Greenpoint and George Kelly of Bensonhurst. The two pugilists are well known on Long Island, each having won a number of hard fought battles. The fight was for a purse and a side wager of $200. Gallagher, who tipped the scale at 150 pounds, seemed to have the advantage in reach, height, and in every other way, being ten pounds heavier than Kelly. While the men were getting ready a preliminary bout at 110 pounds, between Ruddy Pfifer of Brooklyn and Joe Brown, "the Winfield Spider," was arranged. Both lads were evenly matched, and boxed four lively rounds to a draw.

Kelly and Gallagher were then announced. The latter was the first to enter the ring, and looked like a giant compared to Kelly, who appeared a moment later. At the call of time both men went at it hammer and tongs, smashing each other right and left. When the referee called time Gallagher was stretched across the ropes, with his hands spread in the air ready to fall when his seconds caught him and carried him to his corner.

In the next two rounds Gallagher received some hard punishment, but he stood it gamely. Kelly banged him all over the ring, hitting him where and whenever he pleased. When Gallagher came up in the fourth round he was very groggy and weak, while Kelly seemed fresh and strong. Both men sparred a few seconds.

Kelly smashed Gallagher in rapid succession with his right and left on the chin and over the left eye, which was almost closed. Gallagher made a faint jab with his left, and to the surprise of everybody followed it up quickly with a right-hand swing which caught Kelly under the jaw. The latter staggered from the blow for a second, and then fell in a heap to the floor.

When the fifth round was called, Kelly was still unconscious, and the referee awarded the fight to Gallagher. The crowd almost went wild at the turn of affairs, and carried Gallagher to his dressing room in their arms. — Monday's Sun.

—The Long Island Farmer, Jamaica, NY, Jan. 25, 1895, p. 1.

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