Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Curran's Wit


Curran's ruling passion was his joke, and it was strong, if not in death, at least in his last illness. One morning his physician observed that he seemed to "cough with more difficulty."
"That is rather surprising," answered Curran, "for I have been practicing all night."
While thus lying ill, Curran was visited by a friend, Father O'Leary, who also loved his joke.
"I wish, O'Leary," said Curran to him abruptly, "that you had the keys of heaven."
"Why, Curran?"
"Because you could let me in," said the facetious counselor.
"It would be much better for you, Curran," said the good humored priest, "that I had the keys of the other place, because I could then let you out." — Green Bag.

In the Literary Workshop

Editor (looking over manuscript) — Here's some more of that chronic poet's slush. I wonder what he calls it "Cat Poetry" for?
Assistant — Because it always comes back, of course. He's a humorist as well as a poet. — Detroit Free Press.

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