Monday, May 26, 2008

Georgia's Accomplished Poultry


A little 12-year-old daughter of a hotel keeper at Baxter, Ga., has a pet hen that sings to a piano accompaniment. The little girl will go into the yard, pick up the hen, bring her into the parlor, place her on the piano and commence playing something lively, and the hen will sit back on her dignity, raise her head and sing like her life depended on the effort. Georgia leads in the poultry business as well as in everything else. — Atlanta Constitution.

Accidentally Overheard

"Maud, are you going to the psychology lectures?” asked one very nice chic girl of another as the two went swishing past a knot of men on the sidewalk.
"Yes, siree!" replied Maud, "you bet I'm going to grab all the culture that goes by." — Chicago Tribune.

Against Their Will

"Believe me, women do not like these sleeves."
"Greatness thrust upon them, as it were." — Detroit Tribune.

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