Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Her Watch


The Scornful Jeweler Expressed Surprise That It Had Stopped.

A young girl took her watch into the jeweler's recently and explained that something was the matter with it. While the watchmaker examined it the owner of the fractious watch remarked that she did not see what made it act so.

"It is always stopping or having something happen to it," she said.

"Possibly you do not take good care of it," ventured the jeweler, closely regarding the interior of the watch.

"Oh, yes, I do. I wind it nearly every night, and I nearly always remember to take it out of my pocket when I take off my dress. The pocket in my gray dress is too large, though, and sometimes it falls into the bowl when I am washing."

"Water would ruin it if it got inside," remarked the jeweler.

"That little bit wouldn't," said the girl, with a very wise shake of the head. "It's only falls that hurt them. Once it fell out of the up stairs window, but it landed in the rosebush, and it wasn't hurt much. The time Johnny squeezed it by shutting the bureau drawer on it the crystal was broken, though."

By that time the jeweler had discovered that the balance wheel was out of place and two cogs broken.

"I don't see how it happened," said the girl in surprise. "It flew out of my blouse pocket yesterday when I was swinging dumbbells, but I did not suppose that was what hurt it."

"Those things seldom do," said the man, with a touch of scorn. — Philadelphia Press.

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