Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Chinese Servant


When a Chinese servant becomes dissatisfied, he never tells you of it, but some day you will go into the kitchen to find your Chinaman cook having another Chinaman with him. Without being the least disconcerted he will come up to you and say, "Mrs. Blank, you likee me cookee?" "Why, of course, John," will perhaps be the reply. "You findee no fault, hey?" will be the next question. Then, after you told him he was entirely satisfactory, he will say to you: "Well, Sing Lee will do cookee now. John's going to leave." And with no further explanation he will leave the house. The new Chinaman will immediately begin his duties just as if you had hired and made all arrangements with him. You will find that the new cook has been coached in the dishes that are your favorites, and you will have no more trouble.

This may seem like a day dream to housewives who have worried themselves sick about servants, but nevertheless it is a true picture of the manner in which Chinamen treat their employers. — New York Advertiser.

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