Friday, June 27, 2008

A Troubled One


It is said that the expression, "There is a skeleton in every closet," arose from the following incident: A young Italian student, finding he was dying, fearing to break the news to his mother, adopted the following device: He informed her that he was ill, and that it had been foretold he would not recover until he had worn a shirt made by a woman who had no trouble. The widow soon discovered it was no easy task to find such a person, but at length was referred to a lady who seemed surrounded with every comfort and happiness and possessed a husband who seemed devoted to her. The widow made known her request and for an answer was shown a closet, where a skeleton hung suspended from a beam. She was told it was the remains of the lady's former lover, who from motives of jealousy had been slain by her husband, and that he compelled her to visit it every day. The widow concluded that no one was without trouble, that "there is a skeleton in every closet," and became reconciled to the approaching loss of her son. — London Tit-Bits.

The Opera Journalized

Night Editor — What's this?
Musical Critic — It's my criticism of the opera; very important; first production in this country —
Night Editor (wearily) — Yes, I know. The whole local staff was there. We have three columns of names of occupants of the boxes and five columns' description of dresses. Think I want to fill the whole paper with it? Cut that stuff of yours down to two sticks. — New York Weekly.

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