Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mary Wiley Given to Her Father

New York, 1895

Little Mary Wiley, whose feet were cut off by a Long Island railroad train at Jamaica in 1891, and who got a verdict for $12,000 damages against the company in the Circuit Court the other day, was given into the custody of her father, John J. Wiley, of Jamaica, by Justice Cullen on Saturday. Mary's mother, Sarah Wiley, who was seriously injured at the same time, consented that her daughter should be given to Wiley. Since the child was discharged from the Emergency hospital she has been cared for at the Mineola home, first at the cost of the King's Daughters, who raised the money to buy her artificial feet, and then at the expense of the county.

Setauket's Rubber Industry

The rubber trust, which absorbed the Long Island rubber company at Setauket, has sold out to the North American rubber company, composed of local and New York capitalists. The stipulation is that the new company will not manufacture rubber boots and shoes, but confine its output to bicycle tires, waterproof blankets, coats and horse goods. The company will employ about two hundred Polish Jews.

—The Long Island Farmer, Jamaica, NY, April 12, 1895, p. 8.

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