Saturday, June 21, 2008

Masculine Vanity


It is a most singular thing that one never can count upon the inherent vanity of human nature, nor in what manner it will manifest itself. In a certain social set there is one young man who is deformed, besides having an affliction which renders his heavy breathing a source of more than more annoyance to the fastidious. All the girls of his acquaintance are so exceedingly sorry for him and so afraid of hurting his presumably sensitive feelings that they invariably give him the preference in accepting invitations, etc., over any other man. Not long ago it began to leak out that he was boasting of his conquests. He cited the incontrovertible fact that "every girl in town" seemed to jump at any attention from him. — Philadelphia Times.

Woes of Wee Ones

First Child — Do you have to take cod liver oil in winter?
Second Child — No, but mamma makes me take sterilized milk in summer. — Good News.


The most extensive employment of gas in a factory during the early days of this illuminant was in the Phillips & Lee cotton mills in England in 1805.

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