Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Stars and Stripes


A German periodical, Fuer Allewelt, has the following story as to the origin of the stars and stripes: The idea originated with a Dane named Marker. He was born on the island St. Croix of the Danish West Indies, where his father and grandfather had lived. In 1775 he left his native island and proceeded to Philadelphia. He was among the first to join a company of volunteers for American liberty and independence. For valor shown at Oriskany he was elected captain, and to show his gratitude he designed a flag in whose upper corner he applied the 13 stars emblematic of the 13 original states of the union. This was the first occasion upon which the "star spangled banner" was unfurled. The original flag of Captain Marker is supposed to be in existence in some national collection of relics of the war of the Revolution.

The Sheep Wore Out

The owner of a menagerie in Berlin, which included a "happy family," consisting of a lion, a tiger, a wolf and a sheep, was asked one day in confidence how long these animals had lived together. "About nine months," he replied, "except the sheep, which has to be renewed occasionally." — Glasgow Times.

The Difference

Harry — Clara, dearest, you are the only woman I ever really and truly loved.
Clara Dearest — You said that very same thing only last week to May Blossom. She told me so herself.
Harry — True, but that was only a dress rehearsal. This is the first performance. — Boston Transcript.

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