Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Octopus as a Tree Climber


The screw pine is a familiar decorative plant among us, and in its native habitat in the South Sea islands it attains perfection. On the male tree are scented flowers, and on the female bunches of hard fruit.

Aristotle relates "that the octopus occasionally climbs trees," but as no one ever corroborated this it was not considered correct. Now we find that the ancient philosopher was correct in his statement, for Mr. Henry Lee, F. Z. S., the eminent zoologist, proved for his own satisfaotion that the octopus is often attracted by the smell of the pine flower and climbs toward it.

Our great scientist, Professor Huxley, says of Aristotle's "Historia Animalium," "As a whole, it is a most notable production, full of accurate information, and of extremely acute generalization of the observations accumulated by naturalists up to that time." — Philadelphia Ledger.

Not His Fault

Mrs. Newrich — Suzanne, tell Robert, the butler, that if he must smoke in the kitchen to use better tobacco.
Suzanne — I did tell him, but he sez they're the best cigars master has. — Boston Budget.

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