Friday, June 27, 2008

A Horse That Eats Pies


He Likes Them Better Than Oats and Prefers the Mince Ones.

Leonard Jacobs, a pie peddler, has one of the most remarkable horses in Connecticut. Other towns have boasted of horses that chew tobacco, chew gum and drink beer, but Jacob's horse will eat pie. The horse is 23 years old. Jacob's pies come from New Haven, packed in cases, and in transportation some of them generally get broken and cannot be sold. One day Jacobs threw a broken pie on the ground near the horse's head. The animal smelled of it, touched it with his tongue, lapped it up and ate it with a relish. Then Jacobs began to feed pies to the horse. The horse soon got to like them and would even refuse oats when pie was to be had. The habit has grown on him until now, when Jacobs says "pie" to him, the horse will turn his head and wink expectantly.

He has a decided preference for mince pie, and the more raisins and currants and cider there are the better he is pleased. Apple pie is not a great favorite with him. Most bakers put grated nutmeg into the apple pie, and this doesn't seem to agree with the equine taste. Pumpkin pie he likes, and cranberry tarts are an especial delight. Peach, apricot, berry and prune pies are acceptable, but unless the prunes are stoned he will not touch prune pie after the first bite. The horse is fat, slick and youthful in his movements, and Jacobs expects to keep him on the pie cart until he is long past the age when most horses are turned out to grass for the rest of their days or are carted to the horse cemetery by the side of the murky waters of the Naugatuck river. — Baltimore American.

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