Monday, June 30, 2008

Rushing the Business


The following story is told of a one time Pennsylvania legislature:

The session was about to expire. In accordance with the usual custom, the chair was occupied by a rapid worker, who was deaf to objections and blind to objectors. His name was Alexander McClure. Under his able management the bills were going through at a lightning express rate when one measure was reached that was particularly obnoxious to a noisy minority. Utterly oblivious to the demonstration, Mr. McClure declared that the bill had passed.

Over in one corner of the legislative chamber one member was especially vociferous. He would not be quieted, and Mr. McClure was finally compelled to notice him for the sake of peace.

"For what purpose does the gentleman rise?" asked the chair.

"I want to offer an amendment to the bill," was the reply.

"Too late," said Mr. McClure without a smile. "Offer it to the next bill. The clerk will read." — Washington Post.

Horses' False Tails

It is said that horses appear on the streets now docked, now with long tails. The manufacture of false tails for horses has reached so high a degree of perfection that the counterfeit may be buckled on to the stump of a docked horse, and he will travel along beside a mate with a natural long tail, defying detection. — New York Sun.


Mithridates is said to have known by name every soldier in his army of 10,000 to 20,000 men. He spoke 22 different languages, all that were used in his kingdom.

The first article of human clothing mentioned in history was an apron. It is spoken of in the book of Genesis, B. C. 4004.

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