Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Met the Emergency


A melodrama of the most stirring kind was being given in a theater in a small provincial town. In one of the critical scenes the hero suddenly became aware of the fact that he had come upon the stage minus his poniard. Without a moment's hesitation he made a dash at the traitor, exclaiming: "Die, villain! I meant to strike thee with my dagger, but I left the weapon in my dressing room and will therefore strangle thee in the presence of this indulgent audience."

It is scarcely necessary to add that this variation from the original brought down the house. — London Globe.


The Jewish feasts, those of Tabernacles, of Pentecost, of Trumpets and Passover, were instituted by Moses, B. C. 1490.

Santa Fe was originally named La Ciudad de la Santa Fe de San Francisco.

A Dry Land Fish

The periophthalmus, one of the most remarkable of the several species of dry land fish catalogued by the naturalists, is a native of Mauritius. He is only 4 or 5 inches long, but has a big head, very prominent eyes and side fins which bear a strong resemblance to legs. They have the curious habit of leaving the water in the evening and spending the entire night hunting the nocturnal insects which inhabit the muddy flats near tide water. A similar species of New Zealand are called "running fishes" by the natives. — St. Louis Republic.


Adversity yields benefits to those only who bring a willing heart and an intelligent mind to co-operate with fortitude and resignation. As Emerson has well said, "Men are ennobled by morals and by intellect, but those two elements know each other and always beckon to each other until at last they meet in the man, if he is to be truly great."

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