Sunday, June 22, 2008

What's In a Title?


Dibbs (rather shortsighted, overtaking total stranger and slapping him on back from behind) — Hello, old fellow, how are you? So glad to see you again! Who'd have thought of meet —
Stranger — Confound you, sir, how dare you strike me in that blackguardly manner? You ought to be more careful that you've got the right person.
Dibbs — Really, sir, I must apologize, but I took you for the Earl of B—. The likeness is really wond —
Stranger (greatly modified) — Say no more, sir, I entreat. I quite see how the mistake occurred. Magnificent weather, isn't it? Good morning to you, good morning! — London Standard.

In the Line of Duty

"The Scripters," said Deacon Dinguss, "says distinct an plain that the fool an his money is soon parted." "I allow, then," said the grocer, with whom the deacon does not trade, "I allow, then, that when you ketch some pore feller hard up an perseed to git ebeout 30 per cent intrust out of him you think you air jist aidin him to kerry out the Scripteral idea." — Cincinnati Tribune.


The first use of gas in a place of public amusement was in the Lyceum theater in London in 1803. It was begun as an experiment, and for a time was discontinued because the audience complained of the odor.

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