Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Raising the Wind


I must now make a disgraceful confession. Among the letters in the postmaster's office were a number from firms in England and America which deal in postage stamps, some of which had inclosed considerable sums of money. The treasury was in dire straits, and a sum of £200 was well worth a sacrifice of self respect. We determined to change our stamps. The change could be effected for 40, and the sale of our old stamps, thus enhanced in value, would bring us in £200 or more.

I have since heard that a year later the government of Costa Rica descended to the same disreputable expedient, but believe I may fairly take to myself the discredit of being the first to devise the scheme. — "The Discoveries Of a Prime Minister," Basil Thomson.

One Thing She Can Drive

They met by a strange chance.
"A woman is driving me," moaned the Horse.
"I know just how uncertain you feel," sighed the Nail.
"I don't understand you at all," observed the Bargain frankly.
The Horse and the Nail contemplated the Bargain enviously. — Detroit Tribune.

New Shoes

New shoes can be worn with as much ease as old ones if they are stuffed to the shape of the foot with cloth or paper and patiently sponged with hot water, or if they pinch in some particular spot a cloth wet with hot water and laid across the place will cause immediate and lasting relief. — New York Dispatch.

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