Monday, June 30, 2008

The Train Stopped For Mr. Polhemus


Mr. Polhemus was very fond of duck shooting, and he used to go to a point near Chesapeake bay where the Pennsylvania had a flag station. He was always left off or taken on, whatever the train that passed might be. One day Mr. Polhemus got on a train with a new conductor, and after leaving Philadelphia he said to him, "I want to be let off at such a station." "Can't let you off. I've had no such orders," the conductor said. "Well, whether you let me off or not, the train will stop there," said Polhomus. "The train will not stop there," said the conductor and went on.

At Wilmington Mr. Polhemus interviewed the engineer, who knew him, and he said to the engineer, "I suppose you are going to have a hot box when we get near my flag station," and he slipped a $10 bill into the engineer's hand. As they neared the station the train slowed down, and when it came to a stop the engineer got off with his oil can and waste. Mr. Polhemus also got off with his gunbag and bade the conductor an affectionate goodby. A few days later an order was issued that Mr. Polhemus was to be let off or taken on at that station whenever he desired.

That at least is the story which is told at the Brooklyn club, and Mr. Polhemus has told it himself, although he said that he had no other influence with the Pennsylvania officials than that which was due to mutual respect and esteem.

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