Friday, June 27, 2008

Poker Prevents Seasickness


"One of the surest preventives of seasickness is draw poker," said Hugh S. Royston of St. Louis. "I have tried it and am willing to recommend it as a sovereign remedy. I came across the Atlantic in the City of Paris. We had a rough voyage, and at times it looked as though the Paris was bent on turning bottom side up. The captain, however, said he never knew of such a thing, and as his nautical experience was great the passengers were somewhat reassured. But at the very outset of the trip I joined a party of five citizens of the United States, and we played poker day and night, with only needed intervals of sleep. The game was only for a small limit, but it was jolly and interesting, and it effectually banished the mal de mer. Now and then a player would leave just for a short space to commune with the deep, but would invariably get back in time to play his hand, and the game suffered no delay. Here was a clear case of mental excitement and diversion ruling the physical man, for outside of the poker party hardly a passenger aboard escaped a very prolonged sickness." — Washington Star.

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